Launch NFT Collection on Opensea - CyberTime2188



🔄 Pivot: NFT Fantasy League

Launch $CTF, $NFTL tokens + reward pools

Launch cybertime.farm

Launch DAO with governance token

Listing coinmarketcap, coingecko

Q2 Success Certik smart contract audit

Launch MVP NFT Markeplace NFTL.art

10 successful NFT auctions on platform

Q3 Launch $SAVENFT token

Passed selection into Celo Camp Batch 4

Q4 🔄 Pivot: NFT Marketplace on Celo

TOP-10 Finalist in Celo Camp + Creators Economy Award winners

Launch NFT Marketplace on Celo

Launch Daopolis NFT Collection



Raise funds from Flori Ventures

Open company in USA, Delawer - Cybertime, Inc.

Join Flori Accelerator

Add first 10 collections on NFT Marketplace

Q2 Add carbon offset on marketplace

Attract investment from Big Brain Holding, Allegory, Marek (co-founder Celo)

Add total 25 collections on marketplace


Launch ReFi Calendar collection

Launch referral program

Join ReFi DAO Batch 1 & 2

TOP-10 projects in Gitcoin GR 15 (+5k grant)


Receive +45k grant by Climate Collective

Achieve 250k sales on marketplace

Join M Accelerator & Fractal accelerator



🔄 Pivot: Web3 marketplace for learning & teaching

Finished 2 accelerators

Build database with 350+ experts

Q2 🔳Launch MVP with QF round 1

🔳Attract 100k users on site + 30k verify in contract + 5k donate to experts

🔳Become TOP-5 projects on Polygon & Celo in Dappradar

🔳Built MVP for buying courses through Web3

🔳Attract investments and close Seed round


🔳Organize QF R2 & R3

🔳Launch beta version LMS on Web3

🔳Launch NFT royalties

🔳Launch DAO for courses & experts

Q4 🔳Organize QF R4 & R5

🔳Launch LMS on Web3 in mainnet

🔳Generate $1M in sales in 2023 or $100-$200k revenue

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