👋Welcome to CyberBox

Web3 EdTech platform with crowdfunding & co-investment in courses

We are developing a Web3 EdTech platform with AI producer & co-investing. We help experts launch training courses x5 times faster with AI producer and earn x3 times more with crowdfunding & co-investing in training courses on Web3. The problem is that creating a 10+ hour training course can take up to 3 months. We found a solution in quadratic funding. An expert can test the demand, raise funds and get the first learners even before the course is created!

Our traction:

  • $225k raised from 3 VCs

  • 4 accelerators

  • $60k grants

We are launching the first QF round where we attract from 50 to 150 experts with coverage from 150k to 500k subscribers. From 2% to 5% of subscribers are ready to support the expert with a donation, so we expect to attract up to 3k-7k first learners. With a course cost of $15 and our commission of 20%, we can earn up to $10k-$15k revenue in a first month and in 1.5-2 years reach $3M+ / year of revenue

Official site -> https://cyberbox.art/

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