CyberBox as a carbon negative Marketplace

We launched our ReFi Initiative on Earth Day April 22nd!
With CyberBox we are looking to align ourselves to the vision and mission of Celo and the ReFi movement. We understand that this is a journey that we all are starting together and we want to give our first steps with our Marketplace.
We are setting a percentage fee of each transaction to a ReFi fund dedicated to offset carbon credits assets. We are doing this initiative in collaboration with Moss Earth, utilizing the Moss Earth carbon credit token on the Celo blockchain, the cMCO2, to offset carbon footprint.
We are also going to collaborate with Toucan Protocol now that already launched on Celo.
Each and every one of our NFT collections listed also have the chance to offset a percentage of their royalties fees to collaborate with this initiative! This means that all together in the NFT community of Celo are able to collaborate with the ReFi movement, which only makes us stronger as a community.
We also have launched our ReFi Calendar NFT that contribute directly to the ReFi fund. Each NFT adds ~1 tCO2 offset to your Carbon Tracker
In this way, we have become a Carbon Negative NFT Marketplace! Since we are on Celo, an already Carbon Neutral blockchain, each transaction made and each ReFi Calendar NFT minted help us to achieve our goals