About ReFi

How our actions affects our environment and our future
One of the main aspects that stayed with us after the Celo Connect experience in April 2022 was the concept of ReFi.
The idea of Regenerative Finance is to use the money as a way to solve systemic issues and help the regeneration of communities and natural environments. The goal is not only to think of profits as the main objective, but rather as a means to reach our common goals as a community: to heal and create shared value.
Since the begining, Celo has decided to build a Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism, which is environmentally friendler than the Proof of Work one . Celo is currently a carbon-negative blockchain thanks to its automatic purchase of offsets through Project Wren. It also launched the Climate Collective initiative last year.
The Climate Collective is a mission-aligned group of Web3 projects, organizations, advisors, and advocates dedicated to reversing climate change by accelerating ecosystem efforts to bring up to 40% of the Celo Reserve backed in natural assets.
Over the past year, there has been new initiatives and collaborations with some of the most important climate projects in the ReFi movement, like Toucan, Flow Carbon and Moss, leaders in bringing carbon offsets and natural assets on-chain.