ReFi Calendar NFT

Mint and offset with CyberBox ReF NFTs
With the coming of the #ReFi Summer we launched our ReFi Calendar NFT in CyberBox. This is a NFT Collection of 12 beautiful and original NFTs released monthly. The drive behind these NFTs is that with each one you can offset approximately 1 ton of tokenized carbon credits automatically.
Carbon credits are digital certificates that companies or individuals can acquire to offset their environmental impact, or more specifically, their carbon emissions.
They are created to provide CyberBox users a way to support the work we are creating with the Regenerative Finance in our Marketplace. You can also collect the Certificates for each month and earn a special NFT at the end of the year.
Since we launched at the end of the 6th month of 2022, there will be several opportunities to earn the first 5 months NFTs.
There is also a possible profit you can achieve with these Certificates, for those who always look for opportunities. Since they are a monthly collection and with each month that passes by you can’t get them anymore, you can list them on our Marketplace for sale. Remember that you can only mint 1 NFT per wallet.
Collecting each certificate of the 12 months of 2022, will not only get you an exclusive Bonus ReFi NFT but you also will be able to join our CyberBox ReFi DAO Club.