Share your Referral link and earn rewards!

Referral Competition

Starting on August 8th we launched a referral rewards program that will finish on September 1st. Prize distribution:
  • 1st place — 100 CELO + 5 NFT from Jan to May from the #ReFiCalendar collection
  • 2nd place — 50 CELO + 3 random NFTs
  • 3rd place — 20 CELO + 1 random NFT
  • 3 special prizes for the most active on Twitter!

¿Where do I find my referral link?

Get your own personal referral link at It should be something like this

¿How much do I earn per referral?

You earn 9 Celo per mint that uses your referral link. This goes directly to your wallet. With more referrals, you or your ReFi projects could get more Celo!

¿What do my referrers get?

Your referrer will get a beautiful NFT and ~1 ton of CO2 added to the carbon tracker

¿How do I participate for Twitter rewards?

To become one of the most active members you must create a Twitter post with your referral link, tag us at @CyberBoxArt, use the hashtag #ReFiCalendar and leave us a beautiful comment. We will only count 1 post per day. You will also have to Like and Retweet this post
So start to share your links to your friends and communities!