Daopolis NFT Collection

Daopolis is a city ​​of the future that was divided into 2 factions fighting to gain zones of influence. Each faction defends their territories and try to seize others.
There will be 3 types of Daopolis NFT citizens:

• Robots

Artificial intelligence has learned to create robots on its own
Fast, strong, resilient. But is there consciousness and soul inside iron and microcircuits?
Robots are the work of the people, the product. Robotics is advancing at an increasing rate and robots have already become like people. They look like people, they dress like people, they are programmed to be people and they are learning to be people. Science has succeeded in creating an artificial intelligence that is in no way inferior, but in general far superior to the human brain. And this is the main difference between Robots and cyborgs, aswell as an iron head. When you look at a Robot, you get the feeling that he wants to exterminate humanity. But this is just a feeling, an illusion. This robot wouldn't hurt a fly. Don't judge by looks.

• Anonymous

Who is behind the mask? Nobody knows! But under the mask, everyone can show their true essence. Therefore, the secret of anonymity is honored by every anonymous citizen.
Remote work has made us Anonymous. Each of us sits at home and explore the Internet (or the metaverse) but not everyone wants to reveal their identity. No one knows what or who is hiding under the mask of anonymity. It can be an algorithm written by talented developers. It could be a Cyborg who doesn't want to reveal his appearance. Or maybe a robot programmed for anonymity. Or maybe this is some kind of intelligent being. But one thing is known - that Anonymous people have a lot of knowledge. They are always confident in themselves and tell the truth perhaps they even are geniuses or pretty rare individuals. Do you feel identified?

• Cyborgs

In pursuit of perfection, some people began to turn into soulless machines. But somehow retained their uniqueness and naturalness mong Cyborgs #NFTs you can find women, men and something in between that we don't know much yet...
Cyborgs are people. Or rathe, a symbiosis of a machine and a person. A kind of cybernetic organism. Since this is the world of the future, people have long been replacing body parts and organs with machinery. People are good and intelligent beings. These are the people of the future. They love the world and people, value communication with each other and support the environment. Because they understand that the world they live in depends entirely on themselves, these people have a good sense of humor, which makes it easier to survive in this world. These look menacing, but it is only an outside appearance. The truth is in their actions.

Launch of the collection

We have launched our NFT collection on December 31st of 2021
Public minting is now LIVE. The next batch ends at 4.000 mints on at 10 CELO. After that the price is 15 CELO.
There will be 250 Daopolis NFT to be sold at first. And the cost will be 2 CELO.
After they sold there will be 500 NFT available at 5 CELO.
The next batch of 1250 NFT will have a cost of 10 CELO. The next batches will have 2000 NFT each and their cost will increase by 5 CELO each. There will be 9192 NFT in the collection. The last 192 will have a cost of 50 CELO.